Family Friendly TV

Over 200 channels

News, Travel, Sitcoms, Movies, Lifestyle, Cartoons, Opinion, Apologetics, Education, Sports and more…

Our monthly service fee will be 14.95/month

Our subscription will be 14.95/month, no matter whether we have 20 channels or 200. But we’re not asking for that now. Instead, we’re asking you to come aboard as a founding member of the AFN. Please join us and help us make safe and affordable television a reality.


  • $500
  • For making this commitment to AFN, we include everything at the $200. level. Plus, when we are ready to begin providing service, we will send you an invitation to attend the official launch party at American Family Association Network in Tupelo, MS. Meet the founders of AFN and the leaders of the American Family Association in person.
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